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Pedro Goncalves


 Design   and   development

Pedro Goncalves born in south Lisbon (Portugal) 1976, currently lives in Southampton U.K.

A Tooling technician and a full PADI scuba diver since 1994 interested in shells (Muricidae & Cypraeidae) since teenager. Began to collect shells, dive and study conchology systematically since 1998, later in 2008 began to trade shells around the world creating ShellArtDecoration2009 on EBay and later 2017 his own website

Pedro’s favourite places to dive are Maldives, Madagascar, Masirah Island, having dive in many parts of the Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Philippines, New Caledonia and more.

Pedro has other interests as playing Alto saxophone    

Ana Makutonovic


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